ESG Integration

There is a growing global awareness that key ecological, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors are related to the long-term development of a company.

As an investor, we therefore strive to incorporate sustainability knowledge and data into our traditional investment processes.

With improved access to data, insights and information about key ESG risks and opportunities in all areas of the investment process, we can make better decisions about our investment strategies overall.

ESG "Environmental-Social-Governance" - What does that mean?


The “E” in ESG stands for “Environment” and means the effective use of available resources. Ecological efficiency and emissions are also taken into account as important factors. Climate protection is currently the most important issue. In 2019, the World Economic Forum in Davos determined that climate risks account for three of the five largest environmental risks.


The S in ESG stands for “Social” and means social areas such as the prohibition of child labor, the rights of employees and the prohibition of discrimination. These subject areas have also been defined as core topics and principles by the UN Global Compact. The UN and various companies founded this network in 1999. Here the companies have committed themselves to adhere to ten principles.


The G in ESG stands for “Governance”. The main topics are corporate management and everything that goes with it. Are treated z. B. the diversity of the members, the composition of the supervisory board, skills and experience. This topic is also intended to prevent corruption, fraud and bribery.


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